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Rhodium has completed thousands of valuations for a wide variety of companies and their investors, for purposes including:

Rhodium Strategies

409A valuation

​Gift and estate valuation

Purchase price allocation (ASC 805)

Goodwill impairment testing (ASC 350)

Derivative valuation

Corporate business valuation

Buy/sell agreements

Intellectual property valuation

Portfolio valuation (ASC 820)

Shareholder disputes

Entity conversion

Our team of experts have a diverse background of experience, including venture capital, Big Four accounting firms, corporate finance, start-ups, and financial services.

Reaching a supportable valuation conclusion requires specialized skill, training, experience, intuition and judgement. Rhodium has the capability to deliver professional advice that you can rely upon to make well-informed decisions when it comes to valuation-related questions, ownership transition, dispute resolution and more.

Selected Valuation Clients (Past & Present)

Rhodium Strategies
Rhodium Strategies
Rhodium Strategies
Rhodium Strategies
Rhodium Strategies
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